Pinyin - 0.1.0

Pinyin vowels

A package that adds support for easily typing Pinyin Mandarin Romanization characters. Transcribing the tones involve adding diacritics above vowels. This is difficult with a conventional QWERTY keyboard, and so this espanso package adds easy mnemonic support to type tones.

The mnemonic is:

For example, to type ě, type e, shift\\3

Character Shortcut
ā a\|!
á a\|@
ǎ a\|#
à a\|$
ē e\|!
é e\|@
ě e\|#
è e\|$
ī i\|!
í i\|@
ì i\|$
ǐ i\|#
ō o\|!
ó o\|@
ǒ o\|#
ò o\|$
ū u\|!
ú u\|@
ǔ u\|#
ù u\|$
ǖ u:\|!
ǘ u:\|@
ǚ u:\|#
ǜ u:\|$