Vim Digraphs - 0.1.0

A package implementing the digraphs of vim.


A package implementing most of the digraphs from vim-digraphs, themselves taken from the RFC1345 mnemonics. To use, prepend the digraph with comma.

Example: The digraph for α is a*. Type ,a* to type α.

general principles

(adapted from original helpfile)

To make it easy to remember the mnemonic, the second third character has a standard meaning:

char name char meaning example result
Exclamation mark ! Grave ,a! à
Apostrophe Acute accent ,a’ á
Greater-Than sign > Circumflex accent ,a> â
Question mark ? Tilde ,a? ã
Hyphen-Minus - Macron ,a- ā
Left parenthesis ( Breve ,a( ă
Full stop . Dot above ,e. ė
Colon : Diaeresis ,a: ä
Comma , Cedilla ,c, ç
Underline _ Underline ,h_
Solidus / Stroke ,h/ ħ
Quotation mark Double acute accent ,o” ő
Semicolon ; Ogonek ,a; ą
Less-Than sign < Caron ,a< ǎ
Zero 0 Ring above ,U0 Ů
Two 2 Hook ,a2
Nine 9 Horn ,o9 ơ
Equals = Cyrillic (= used as second char) ,D= Д
Asterisk * Greek ,W* Ω
Percent sign % Greek/Cyrillic special ,s% ш
Plus + smalls: Arabic, capitals: Hebrew ,A+ א
Three 3 some Latin/Greek/Cyrillic letters ,c3 ҁ
Four 4 Bopomofo ,b4
Five 5 Hiragana ,A5
Six 6 Katakana ,A6

what did i leave out?

I could probably add them if there is a desire for that.

For the list of digraphs, read the documentation of vim-digraph from vim.