wttr Package - 0.1.0

A package to get the weather from wttr.in.


An espanso package for getting the weather from Igor Chubin’s console-oriented weather service wttr.in.

For more information about espanso packages, read the documentation.


Available replacement examples:

replacement sample output description
:wttrin Spring, United States: ⛅️ +80°F Current location’s current weather
:moonphase 🌕 Current phase of the moon
:wttrat/{location}/ dallas: ☀️ +88°F Current weather in specified location. Separate words with + instead of spaces.

:wttrat uses passive replacement, so it is triggered by highlighting the text and double tapping your configured passive key.


espanso install wttr https://github.com/bradyjoslin/espanso-package-wttr --external


Passive replacement should be enabled in the espanso default.yml configuration file:

enable_passive: true
passive_key: CTRL

Requires curl.

Package Details

Repository: https://github.com/bradyjoslin/espanso-package-wttr/